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Kiddos Were Comfortable

"I went in yesterday with my two little ones (1 and 3) but I was the one getting the exam. My mom was supposed to care for them while I attended the appointment, but she got stuck on the other side of town. The receptionist and Dr. Dang didn't think that we'd be able to make it through my detailed exam, but we did. They made sure that my kiddos were comfortable and were very patient with me considering the circumstances. Dr. Dang performed my exam and was very thorough. He realized that I needed to see a specialist because my eye problems were more than what he was able to handle. After realizing this, he gave me information for a referral to someone who could help, and the best part was that he didn't even charge me! He showed his true concern, made sure that I understood everything concerning my eye issues and directed me to a specialist who could help. I highly recommend Texas State Optical Pearland!"

- Shalesha S.